In the past the popular notion was that men’s jewelry needs to be minimalistic and was usually restricted to a wrist watch or at the most a wedding ring. But today’s in-vogue man has a plethora of choices when it comes to adornments. However, after years of visiting several brick and mortar stores and scouring the internet looking for elegant, high – quality costume jewelry, we found that it wasn’t easy to find tasteful men’s jewelry that is classy, yet packs just the right amount of punch & oomph. It was then that we realized that we might be able to bring some fresh, special and unique designs to the market, firstly for our own personal use and secondly for all those people who would love and dare to be different.

We wanted to introduce versatile designs that could be dressed up and down at the same time. pieces that would look elegant complementing a suit and at the same time they would fit the boho taste of a nonconformist’s heart. So here we are presenting to you original designs carefully curated, ensuring superior quality as our first and foremost requirement. A means for self-articulation through adornments.

Go ahead. Wear your statement on your sleeve.


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